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A New Overlook for the Park

Tallulah Gorge State Park (TGSP) has numerous trails and overlooks but no central, ADA compliant, viewing area. The overlook, pictured above, is planned to fill this void and provide spectacular views up and down the Gorge. The viewing area will be constructed on the north rim of the Gorge directly behind the existing Interpretive Center making it easily accessible for all ages, including those with disabilities. 

TGSP is listed as one of the seven (7) wonders of Georgia. The viewing area will allow visitors to get closer to nature and view one of the oldest geological features in North America. Without a doubt, this overlook will become one of the most popular observation sites in the park which will increase park visitation (300,000 visitors in 2010), and in turn, increase tourism in both Habersham and Rabun Counties which share park boundaries.

Friends of Tallulah Gorge State Park (FTGSP) solicited funds in 2011 and 2012 to build a complete observation deck along the north rim of the Gorge behind the existing Interpretive Center. Our goal was to raise $125,000 and construct the deck by the end of 2012 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Tallulah Gorge State Park. Due to the economic slowdown and severe Georgia State Park budget decreases, FTGSP needed to redirect our efforts from Park enhancement to Park operations. While construction of an ADA compliant observation deck along the north rim is still sorely needed, there are other projects that have drawn our immediate attention. These projects include replacing the fire sprinkler system, a much needed theater equipment renovation at the Interpretive Center, replacement of a defective rubberized surface on the path connecting the Interpretive Center to the north rim trail, and repair of the footing and shelter at Overlook 6.

The Friends of TGSP are an important funding source for the Park, more so today than ever before. However, be assured that all funds received for the deck project have been deposited in a separate bank account with each donation recorded.

Friends cannot build the deck project as originally planned. We have decided to scale it back to a deck with railing and eliminate the high price steel support structure.  We are planning a four phase approach.  The first phase, the railing, is complete.  (See photo above.)  The second phase was to construct a foot path to the overlook.  This also has been completed.  The third phase is planned as constructing an ADA compliant path and lookout point.  The fourth phase will involve enhancements to the site – benches, etc.  Our fundraising efforts have been redirected to build this redesigned, less costly, but still ADA compliant, observation deck.  Friends of TGSP have contributed $20,000 (in addition to engineering costs) for the construction of this deck.   We have received a $5000 grant from the state Friends organization.  We are currently reaching out to individuals, businesses, organizations, etc., to “Help Put Us Over The Edge” and raise the additional funds needed to complete our four phase project.

We ask for your support with this project.  FTGSP are committed to building the redesigned overlook which will be an outstanding addition to the Park.

Please "Help Put Us Over the Edge"

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